80 Jump Package ($0.10 per skydive)

1 Metric Tonne

  • The climate footprint of each skydiving jump is estimated to be 27.55 lbs (12.5 kgs) of CO2. For $0.10 cents you can offset this amount. Purchase in 80 jump / 1 Metric Tonne packages. Go retroactive or into the future! See details for carbon footprint calculation.

    PDF Icon  Skydiver Carbon Offset Package Brochure (15 MB)
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation: A Twin Otter aircraft consumes ~86 gallons of jet fuel/hr. One gallon of burned jet fuel emits ~19 lbs CO2 into the atmosphere. 86 gallons * 19 lbs CO2 = 1,634 lbs CO2/hr. Using 20min as an approximate flight time for one load of skydivers, one load would emit ~545lbs CO2 emissions per flight. Using 20 people as an approximation for the average number of people per load, one skydiver would effectively be responsible for ~27lbs of CO2 emissions per skydive.

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